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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angel House

I graduated our oldest child, a precious daughter in 2006. It wasn't long after her being away at college that she started to share with me, terrible stories about human trafficking. Every time she would come home for a visit she would reveal new disturbing details about this terrible crime. She would bring me articles, send me websites, and documentaries. I began to have a heightened awareness of this form of human slavery. A subtle gnawing in my gut seemed to always be with me. 

Of course, I went about my daily life. I have two boys still at home and we homeschool, our oldest son plays basketball, our little one is in karate, my husband has a financial services business, so life is always pretty busy, but the gnawing was always there. I would have times of obsession and then get caught up in my life again. I slowly began to seek out information on the subject. "There are some good organizations out there doing something", I would think to myself. It helped me to feel better about doing little more than pray. Don't get me wrong, I believe in the power of prayer!  I just wanted to do more, but didn't really know where to place all the angst. 

Then this past Friday (9/23/11) I was invited to a friends for dinner where I met a man named Dominic. He is a young missionary. We began to talk about how his organization has opened 10 orphanages in India and how he is expanding his vision into rescuing girls who have been forced into what is kindly called "human trafficking." It is a wretched form of slavery perpetrated through forced prostitution and abuse. He shared that, at this very moment, at least 40 girls are waiting to be rescued.  He and his team have developed trust with these trafficked girls and have promised them a coming escape to a safe place. 

The only thing standing in the way of their rescue is a home to take them to. The only thing needed to get the building project underway is money. Even as I write that, it makes me sick to think that the lack of something so insignificant in the big picture, could be keeping something so very, very significant from these girls. These 40 girls have, no freedom, no rights, and no means of escape. (I say girl, because they range in age from 10-to their early 20's).  It does not have to stay that way. Dominic has the property already secured. The home will cost $40,000 to build and he can get it done by December 2011, if he could raise the money. I want to raise that money. I and the women working with me on this project began looking at our own budgets. It turns out we spend a lot on the little things; we could at least give a "latte" to this... I'm hoping there are some out there in the same place I've been. Maybe your heart is aching to do something, but you're not sure where to go.  Please consider joining us.

We're asking for anyone led to help to forgo one latte (or any other form of extravagance) per week and donate that money instead to this "Give A Latte" fundraiser to help these vulnerable and precious girls find safety and a second chance. Just one latte a week until the home is complete, or roughly $4 a week for 10 weeks (or  just $1 per rescued girl) can make a significant impact in at least 40 lives. If only 1,000 people forgo one $4 luxury per week, these young girls could have a home before Christmas! Will you join us?

You can sponsor one rescued girl for a donation of $1,000, give up one latte ($4) total, or anything in between. Every dollar brings us closer to providing a safe, clean home and rehabilitation center for these victims. Please contribute at the level you are able.

Please consider taking the "Give A Latte" challenge to offer these girls new hope.
In His grip,
Donna Joiner

Please make all checks payable to "Angel House" and send them to: 
5715 Arabian Drive
Alta Loma, CA 91701
You can donate online here
Simply type in or copy and paste "RESCUE 40+" into the comment section to indicate which Angel House project you are contributing to. 

You can learn more about this Angel House project here.*

Thank you very much for partnering with us to bring new hope to these 40 girls.
God bless you.

* At the time of filming this video, 25 girls had been identified. Today, over 40 girls have been identified and are waiting to be rescued.
Luke 4:18

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