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Saturday, October 1, 2011

New Numbers & Great Urgency

Hi, it's Cassie here. (Donna's daughter)
I am so blessed by my mom taking on this project and by the support we have received so far.
Please see the post just below this one to read the story behind the Angel House Project this blog is dedicated to.

We have received word from the team on the ground in Mumbai, that they have identified and fostered relationships with 50 women and girls. This is wonderful news!

- It means that as soon as the house is built, we can fill it completely.
- It means 50 girls will no longer endure this horrible injustice.
- It means that all of our resources will go to use immediately.

It means that as you read this 50 girls are waiting to be rescued. The only thing we are waiting for is a safe house to take them to. With your support, we can have it built by December.

Please visit to see the non-profit's previous building projects and to donate to this house. Simply type in "RESCUE 50" into the comment line.
(If you have already donated with the comment "rescue 40+" do not worry; your gift will still go to the correct building project)

Below is a flyer you can distribute to friends, neighbors, churches and anyone you think my be interested in praying and/or contributing monetarily. We are working on getting it attached as a PDF. In the meantime, if you want one, simply comment letting us know where to send it.

Thank you so much for you support and prayers.

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  1. To all who are reading this; it is not by accident!
    God has a purpose it all he does!

    As God would have it, I attended a meeting where Dominic spoke. I knew at that very moment God was calling me to be a part of something. What exactly, I didn't know.
    After the meeting my husband and I were invited to join a dinner party where I would find myself in a a conversation with Dominic. It was then that God would then answer the 'what was God calling me to do?" question going through my head.
    I had only learned of Human Trafficking two years ago and even then I had no idea the extent of it! Nor did I have any idea of what I could possibly do about it!
    God has given me a burden for these woman. To show them there is a God who loves them, who wants to rescue them, and restore them to Himself. Please join us as we seek to be a part of Gods plan to rescue these woman one by one!
    Thank You for any support you can give!