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Monday, October 24, 2011

How things are going.

Ok, so 'blogging' is new for me and I'm going to try and be more consistent. Since the last time I was on, God has shown me great favor. I wanted to speak to Gary, a friend of ours in our business, to ask him if I could speak at one of his meetings, and share the vision about building these girls a safe house.
 I know how difficult it is to put large meetings together. My husband and I have been doing those for well over a decade. It takes a lot of time and money. And here I was going to ask him for some time to speak to his people about something that has nothing to do with business. I about talked myself out of it! Gave myself all the reasons he should say no. But I kept feeling that inner prompting to go and ask him. I'm not-in anyway-trying to compare myself to Moses or Gary to pharaoh, but Moses kept coming to mind; He did not want to go to pharaoh: he didn't know how to approach him: he moaned about not being a good speaker, etc. But God didn't expect him to have all the answers, only to step out in faith. So after much anxiety, and after having somewhat psychotic conversations with myself, and putting it off as long as possible I walked in his office. Seeing big ol Gary sitting there with as much command as pharaoh at his desk, but with much more warmth instantly calmed my nerves. He was so welcoming and I instantly felt as though I was sitting there with a favorite uncle. He, not only gave me a resounding yes, he actually put me in a better time slot than I would have ever asked for. He turned his computer around to show me that right before I walked in, he was going to send out the agenda of the event to all the speakers. Adding me after that would be confusing to all the speakers. I made it in the nick of time! God is good. There's more I'll try and write later, but time to go read with my little six year old Levi. 

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